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Storage:  We can store your entire house or any part of your belongings in our own storage or Pack and Move your belongings to your desired storage.

We have our own packing crew, supplied with the proper packing materials to Make your move less stressful.

We have reusable containers  for rent (free with your  Celis Movers move) or sale.

Our Packing crew will arrive at an agreed upon time several days before your move. We will provide all the packing materials, wrapping and blanketing required to secure your load.

Once the packing of your load has been completed and you sign the completion forms, Celis Movers will arrive on the agreed upon day with all the equipment necessary to disassembly of special items, padding and wrapping tools to put your belongings on our trucks.

We make our local deliveries on that same day. Long Distance moves will arrive on the day specified in your contract.

Insurance coverage can vary, so please choose the coverage that best fits your move.

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