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has 20 years of moving experience working with local people.

We have our own packing crew, supplied with the proper packing materials to make your move less stressful.  We have reusable containers  for rent (free with your  Celis Movers move) or sale.

Long Distance:
We cover the entire U.S. with our own crews and trucks.  Next Day delivery to West AZ, OR, NV.    We deliver on time, on your schedule with our own crew.

Local:  Residential –  Commercial – Corporate 
Moving you all over the U.S. or just across town. There is no job too big or too small for us. We always take care of your move as if it is our own.

We can store your entire house or any part of your belongings in our own storage or Pack and Move your belongings to your desired storage.


  • Free on-site estimates (quotes given at the same time.)
  • Fully licensed and insured.
  • Only Professional Movers
  • Local – Long Distance
  • Residential, Commercial & Corporate
  • Assembly / Disassembly of furniture
  • Packing Boxes for sale
  • Reusable containers for rent (free with move)
  • Storage: Long term, Monthly, or Daily
  • Loading and offloading of containers
  • Moving furniture within your residence
  • Furniture padding prior to moving and transportation

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  From Rolando's initial visit to our home in Petaluma, to the final delivery of everything we own to our new home in Denver, all our expectations were exceeded. The price was competitive, the packing was perfect, the same crew   worked both ends of the journey, nothing was lost or broken. And the friendliness and professionalism of the movers, doing one of the hardest tasks I can imagine, was incredible. Look no further; I recommend them without reservation.

thumb Marvin W.

  Be VERY careful if you even consider hiring this company.  I wish I had read previous Yelp reviews before I hired them.  As he had done to prior customers, Rolando pulled a bait and switch on me as well.  When I first met him, I explained VERY CLEARLY to him that I was moving to Yolo County, 70 miles from Petaluma.  Unable to find my next home at the time I met with him, I explained that I needed 3 bids: one to move my items out of my Petaluma home ($2,125) , another one to store my belongings for only a few months ($375 per month), and then a third bid to move my possessions from his storage unit to the home I would eventually buy in Yolo County ($1,500-$2,000).  Once I had purchased the Yolo County home, I emailed Rolando to confirm a date for him to move my possessions.  Imagine my surprise when he told me with NO explanation that my price (on the third bid) would be $3,440.  (His original bid for this was $1,500-$2000.)  Perhaps he was hoping I would not notice the price increase.  Wrong.  I emailed him immediately to inquire.   He said he had made a mistake in his initial (third)       bid to me and had computed charges for a move WITHIN Petaluma, even though I told him all along my move would be to Yolo County.  At our initial meeting, he even asked to see a competitor's bid (which clearly indicated a move to Yolo County) as he wanted to beat that bid.  Fortunately, I kept his initial written bid and refused to honor his $3,440 price.  I paid $1500 (plus several months of storage fees) when he moved my possessions to Yolo County.  My advice: beware, get and keep written estimates from Rolando, make it very clear to him where you are moving to, and expect him to try to pull a bait and switch.  Or better yet, find a more reputable moving company.

The workers themselves did a good job.

thumb Anne W.

  Celia got me out of an abusive environment and into storage in a matter of days.  They are hardworking professionals. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

thumb Marie C.

  Incredible moving company...efficient and responsive. High attention to detail.

thumb Jocey T.

  I am so impressed with the efficiency, professionalism, reasonable cost, and ease of using Celis Movers.  The crew that showed up on time both days, worked hard and fast. The house was packed and emptied in no time.  They also own reasonably priced on-site storage pods, which made moving much less stressful, given that I am in between homes at the moment.  Not having to stress about using an off site storage facility (to load and unload, etc) was a huge plus and gave me peace of mind.  Rolando is personable, very detailed, professional, clear in his communication, and quick to respond to questions. The whole experience was seamless. I thought I would never say this about moving, but it was a pleasure to work with Rolando and his crew.

thumb Jacqueline M.

  This moving company cannot be trusted.  They pulled a bait and switch on both the moving and storage costs, more than doubling the price of moving and storage just days before our scheduled move when it was too late to find other movers.  

Originally, they quoted $1,110 for moving and $125 for a half month of storage of two beds, one love seat, two tables, and one dresser.  Just days before the move, they claimed they made a mistake and were going to charge $2,900 for the move or they would need to cancel.  What we were supposed to do?  The move was due to a flood in our home and repairs were scheduled to start.  We had no time to find another mover at that point.  Then, they charged us storage for a whole month instead of half.  Only after much bickering on the move back day did they give us a $50 "credit."  What a joke.  We ended up paying a whopping $3,100 to move and store literally 6-7 items for 10 days!  

I am always happy to pay a premium for quality services, but this was downright highway robbery and I'm very disappointed to find a local business taking advantage of clients like this.

thumb Jeanne J.

  The end of May 2022 We used Celis movers for a very stressful move from a country property in Sebastopol to Santa Fe New Mexico. We have lots of art, antiques, books, crystal, dishes etc.... they were not only very accommodating but handled our stress wonderfully. Not a single thing arrived broken.  thier qoute was the best we got and they were creative with us as a big truck could  make it down our road in Sebastopol. that meant moving everything twice. Rolando was great to work with and came out to our place several times. For a large move I cant say enough praise for them!
also no funny stuff like added charges at the end and the same crew who loaded us in Ca. unloaded us on NM. good solid honesty the whole way thru.

thumb Adele G.

  When my husband and I needed to move from Petaluma to Nevada City, we got quotes from 3 different moving companies. Another company came in with a lower quote, but we decided to go with Celis because we just got a really good feeling about them. They even matched the lower quote.
I'm sure I drove them nuts at times with some of my emails, but they were very gracious and easy to work with and responded to my emails in a very timely manner, which I really appreciated!
The morning of our move they were right on time (I think even a few minutes early) and they got right to work. They were very friendly and knew exactly what they were doing.
When they arrived at our new home, it was exactly the same. Very friendly but sraight to work. All of our items arrived safely and nothing was broken or damaged in any way.
I HIGHLY recommend Celis Movers! They're a great company to work with!

thumb Debbie D.

  Thank you Rolando for a great moving experience. The guys were great and took great care to wrap my upholstered furniture and make the delivery in a timely manner, even with a very challenging stairway. From the estimate to delivery Celis Movers exceeded my expectations.  I highly recommend!

thumb Julie P.

  Moving is arguably one of the more stressful life-events. Working a professional firm like Celis significantly lowered our stress level. It was a somewhat complicated move between three places. From the time they quoted the work until the last box crate was unpacked the team was efficient, professional and very nice! I would recommend Celis without hesitation. And a sincere thank you to the entire team!

thumb Alan F.
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